Friday, September 20, 2013

Bugging out

Don't you hate it when a simple bug or glitch halts your progress in a game?  Have you ever had one bad enough to make you stop playing the game for a bit?

Well, that's the point I hit in my Nocturne journey, when I last played it a few months ago (..geez, time flies).  I'm closing in on the end of the game, and if you'll recall my last post, I was at the impasse of trying to decide which side to ally with, but having them all be terrible.

As of now, I'm pretty close to the last dungeon, but while traveling through the Yurakucho station, which has you go through a number of dark areas and different maps, I somehow got stuck in some kind of endless loop I was unable to escape from.  It was enough to make me put down the game for the day with the intent of coming back to it later that day, but well, as noted above, it's been a bit.

..I suppose in the next few weeks I'll finally bring that journey to a close.  Ever experienced a similar bug in Nocturne, or in any other game that's made you quit for a bit?  Feel free to share in the comments.

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Sweet Shadow said...

i had a bug in Sacred 2 infuriate me so badly that i quit the game. also, the various companion-losing and quest-crashing bugs in Fallout: New Vegas prompted me to make a character named "Justice" because i was just that angry at the first character getting screwed over. other than that, i'd say i've been pretty forgiving with bug-tacular games.