Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We Come Bearing Games

It's happened to almost everybody that has ever bought video games. You find something you think you'll enjoy, lay down your money, and bring it home. Six months later, you find it in the back of your closet, potentially covered in some kind of sentient mold.

There's a copy of Bayonetta under there.

So what kept you from playing it? Or if you did pop it in for a few hours, what made you neglect it from there on out? Sometimes real life gets in the way. Sometimes there's another game. Sometimes there is no real answer, you just put it down and that was that.

This is why we've established The Backlog. My associates, whom I will let introduce themselves to you, and I will be dedicating a portion of our energies from here on out to going back through those forgotten games and giving them the attention they may or may not deserve. Over the years of collecting video games and then promptly ignoring them, we've all established a backlog that one might call considerable.

The only exaggeration in this picture is the number of women.

Now these games will at last have their day in the sun. Each week we will attempt to make up for lost time. Some of the things on our list may be only a few months old, or even brand new. Others might come from a time when describing Germany meant prefacing it with "East" or "West."

It was like Rampart, but with Communism.

What you'll find quickly is that our mission here is not to review games, though reviews may certainly be extrapolated from what we write. This blog is more about the experience of going back to the forgotten games and giving them another shot. What made us pick up the game in the first place? What were we expecting from it, and did we end up getting that? Why did we never play it, or if we did, why did we put it down? Expect all this and more.

Each one of us has a specialty. Classic games, games across multiple consoles; myself, I'll be starting out by going through my PS2 collection. Just to give you an idea of what we're attempting to tackle, here's a look at the PS2 games I own;

And now let's look at the same collection, but with the games I've beaten removed.

Money well spent, I say.

If you don't want to count them all, that's 52 games I have yet to beat or in some cases even play - and I'm not done collecting.

So now our monumental task begins on two fronts. One, playing through our mountains of backlog, and two, hopefully keeping our readers entertained in the process. We're officially getting started, so look for our chronicles to begin from here on out.

Off we go~!

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