Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Covering the Really Old, Really Dusty Games...

I think it is important right off the bat to give the disclaimer concerning my section of The Backlog. While I will be covering some newer titles, my posts will largely be dedicated to the elderly members of The Backlog. As a retro collector, you might see anything from Utopia for SNES to Utopia for Intellivision. The collection is getting larger by the day. By default, so grows the backlog of forgotten titles.

Consider these as "Adventures in Retrogaming."

Sorry, Elizabeth Shue. We just needed something a bit more...retro.

Let me also take the time to warn that when I say I will be doing newer games, that typically refers to games made prior to 2000. That is not to say that I don't play "the Halo" or dabble in your "Starcraft II's" and "New Super Mario Bros." It's just to say that it is far more likely to find me playing G.I. Joe - The Atlantis Factor on NES than Gears of War.

Sorry, I'm really old school.

The one-room schoolhouse that I went to as a young gamer. Lost many a fellow student to Typhoid Fever there.

Some might ask, "Gee Mike, what possesses you to keep playing your old games with their big pixels, simplistic story lines, and dated content?" I can only say that the oldies are the goodies that made it possible for all the games we play today to exist and are, therefore, awesome. A few potent potables of elaboration:

*Why play Final Fantasy XIII before playing Final Fantasy VI? (A travesty if you have indeed done this. Please direct yourself to the nearest SNES or Playstation and rectify this mistake ASAP: the fate of the world hangs in the balance.)

*Halo is great, but Goldeneye started it.

*There was a time when strategy games were text-based. And still awesome.

*Do you see games like Super Noah's Ark 3D happening anymore?

Swear to God, this is a real Doom clone sold for SNES. Oh, days of yore.

So, in the near future, keep your eyes open as I turn the page back to the lost games in the back closet at Grandma's. Some will be good. Some will no doubt be bad. Just remember, when this baby hits 88mph, you're gonna see some serious shit.

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David Pratt said...

Gotta be honest, I'm looking forward to this even more than some of my own stuff.