Thursday, July 26, 2012

Every Mario game needs to begin with this.

You know, most, if not all, Mario games, really don't have any sort of prologue.  It's just Mario on his merry way to save Princess Peach/Toadstool.

However, the webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Del captures how every Mario game SHOULD begin:

...As I look on my shelf of games, I'm suddenly tempted to play Super Mario Galaxy.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tales of Trolldom

I've been doing a few short posts here and there about Tales of Graces F.  I recently finished the game about a month ago, which considering standard RPG length, as well as..well, the nature of this blog, is a pretty remarkable feat.  While I do want to talk some of the games merits later in this post, the bulk of what I'll be writing about -- which to forewarn you, will be potentially spoiler-heavy in some parts -- deals with the title of this post:

Tales of Graces F has some of the biggest trolls in an RPG I have seen in quite some time.

Even better?  They all travel with you at some point.

If you haven't finished the game, or plan to play it and are adverse to spoilers, then be warned before you continue.  If you've finished it, or simply don't care, then read on:  If you're in the first category, I'm sure you'll be nodding along.

The Motion of the Ocean

The other day, I booted up Star Ocean:  The Last Hope for PS3.  I'd long heard mixed things about the game, but among the many things that stood out, one was evident, which I credit an old linkshellmate from FFXI mentioning:

The main character's name, Edge Maverick, sounds like a porn star name.

Naturally, I decided to share this with my good friend:

Nick: That's cause it just may be the worst SO in the series.
...Well.. it's a fight with 3 but still...

Ayn: Plus the main character's name sounds like a porn star.
Edge Maverick.

Nick: ROFL
It does!
Edge Maverick is ready to plow you good baby.

Ayn: He's ready to venture into the depths of space.
Where no man has ever gone before.
His rocket's ready for launch.


Ayn: LOL.

Nick: That is a terrible name and now I can never forget this.

Ayn: My work here is done.

Edge Maverick: The name of a porn star, or a pro wrestler? You decide (and feel free to leave a comment!).

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Something Worth Adding to Your Backlog

Many gamers look forward to Steam's summer sales to score good deals on games that they'll likely never get around to playing in the same year.  While I'm admittedly more of a console gamer than a PC gamer, and really only acquired steam because my purchase of a box copy of The Last Remnant required me to do so, I nevertheless respect the service.

However, even without The Last Remnant, Steam is worth getting simply for this:  Ys Origin.

While there's always the possibility that we may land Origin as a Playstation Vita port years down the line, I think it's worth supporting XSEED's venture onto Steam by purchasing this title.  It's already cheaper than when it came out a few months, and quite frankly, it's a steal at 12 bucks.

No, Steam's not paying me to do this, although my enjoyment of the Ys series has already been documented.

While this sale allegedly ends on July 23rd, stuff on Steam is always going on sale.  Still, I wouldn't delay purchasing it too long, as what I've played of it (mainly to test how well my laptop outputs to an HDTV -- wonderfully I might add) shows a promising game.

As icing on the cake?  The soundtrack is just as good as, if not better (hey, it's hard to beat "A Searing Struggle") than Oath in Felghana.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Effective Marketing

Let's face it:  Marketing is a huge problem for many video games, especially with game development costs increasing (not helped by the fact that many have expectations of their games selling like the next Mass Effect or Call of Duty game if they dump enough money into it).

However, many video game commercials these days seem quite forgettable.  It wasn't like this years ago, when some companies took themselves less seriously and just, well, had fun with their commercials.

A prime example?  Ones like these:

While it's hard to pin down exact numbers, at least as of 1997, the Saturn had sold around 7.6 million units worldwide, with about 5 million coming from Japan.  Huh, I wonder why it did so poorly in America.

I'm sure we can attribute a lot of things to differences in gaming cultures across the globe, but I think one lasting Segata Sanshiro left with us is this:  Having a mascot that will threaten to beat you up if you go outside to play instead of playing video games can be very effective.

If nothing else, it'd sure be funny to air right after a commercial for The Biggest Loser.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Resonance of Awesome.

Lately, as I combed through my gaming library, I've been thinking about games that just don't receive a lot of love.  While I could list off countless titles (instead, I'll opt to write about them at a later date), let's focus on one for now:  Resonance of Fate, one of Sega's creations for both the XBox and PS3.  Truthfully, I finished this game quite some time ago (and even made a gift of it to my good friend Nick), but oddly never got around to writing it.

Well, it's about time to remedy that, don't you think?