Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Breath of Stale Air.

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you.

That's right Breath of Fire fans!  After a mixed reaction from Dragon Quarter (which I came to enjoy), Capcom's finally announced Breath of Fire 6.

And there was much excitement.

 ...Oh, I forgot to mention.  It's a game for browsers, tablets, and smart phones.

And many childhoods were ruined.

David summed it up best in a recent conversation:

Ayn:  Hey David, guess what!  Breath of Fire 6!  ..As a browser game.
David:  ...
David:  Sometimes I wish Capcom were a physical entity.
David:  So that I could punch it.

So for those of you that disliked Dragon Quarter and thought things couldn't get worse, well, Capcom Japan (I feel the need to reiterate this, as I do know a few people who work at the U.S one..) just exceeded your expectations.  ..Or dashed them.

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