Thursday, June 7, 2012

The future's so dim I have to wear one of those mining hats.

E3 is in its concluding days, and while I wish that I could say me, David, and Kyle were important enough to go, sadly that's not the case (alright, well maybe not for Kyle:  He's been there a few times, if I recall correctly).  Anyway, as I perused the images and stories of E3, I came across this:

What is this I don't even.

Naturally, I decided to show the image to my best friend, Nick, who had this to say:

Nick 2:32 pm
Fuck this Gen.

If I'm grateful for anything this E3, it's that few things looked exciting enough to create more of a backlog for me in the future, which means you'll be seeing some more activity around here.

What are your thoughts?  Share your impressions, satisfactions, or dissatisfaction with us in the comments section.

Until next time (which I promise will be sooner), keep playing.

Just not with the contraption pictured above.

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