Saturday, April 7, 2012

Choose Your Own Adventure, the game: Radiant Historia

Sometimes, less is more.

In the context of this post, that has a dual meaning:  Radiant Historia, which recently saw a reprint, is a game that, in spite of utilizing time-travel as a central story mechanic, does not try to beat you over the head with overly complex combat systems, or a robust cast of characters with overly complicated storylines, daddy issues, or focus on vengeance.  In trying to do less than many of the RPGs out there do, it manages to be a thoroughly engrossing game from start to finish that feels like one of the old "Choose Your Own Adventure" books.

The other meaning?  Rather than spend an entire post telling you about how much I loved the game and my experience with it, I'll put it this way:

This blog is about decent, and even excellent games that are pushed into the abyss of unfinished games for a variety of reasons.

Radiant Historia is a game that never made it to my backlog.  I picked it up, and within a week, clocked about 40 hours and completed it.

Go order the reprint now.  Then play it.

And keep playing.

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