Saturday, September 17, 2011

Priorities: We have them.

Where yet another IM conversation between me and David is substituted for a real game post:

It's Friday, and I'm sitting a stone's throw away from finishing Final Fantasy XIII, while David has finished the infamous Desert of Death in Breath of Fire III.   Gamewise, the only things that obstruct our paths to the finish line?  My absurd desire to max out the ultimate weapons while I have one of the easier farming opportunities available to me and David's obsession with the fishing minigame.

Oh.  And that pesky thing known as work.

Ayn 10:16 pm
    Alright, just need to plug in the rubrics on these papers, but at least the first class is done.

 David 10:16 pm

 Ayn 10:16 pm
    Now I can treat myself to FF13 if I want.

 David 10:16 pm
    I was trying to do some reading but I couldn't concentrate.
I decided if I can finish my Legal Writing assignment for Tuesday, I'll play some BoF3.

 Ayn 10:18 pm
    Good call

 David 10:19 pm
    Which isn't to say I don't still get distracted after every question I answer, but at least I'm actually doing the work instead of looking at words on a page and not absorbing anything.

 Ayn 10:27 pm
    This may help you get your mind in the game.

 David 10:27 pm

 David 10:31 pm
    It's such an addictive little minigame, another thing that sets this game apart.

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