Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We, dig, Giant Robots

In my first post of the year, I stated that one of my goals for 2011 was to finish all of my non-import titles on PS2.  Suffering through Disappointment 2011, amazingly enough, has brought the number of titles into the single digits.  Since many of the remaining games in varying stages of completion, my aforementioned goal may yet become a reality.  With that in mind, I'm taking a small break.

Relax:  I'm not taking a break from gaming, or even the PS2 (admittedly, the busy nature of my work around this time of year is making getting a solid session in tougher..).  No, I'm instead choosing to divert my attention to a few forgotten import titles in my queue.  While the beginning of this year's gaming for me unintentionally spurred the theme of disappointment 2011, the shift to import titles ushers in another theme:

Giant Robots.

For those unaware, the title of this post and the initial picture are a dedication to the show Megas XLR (which no game exists of, but really should).  March, coincidentally, is the birth month of my good friend G-Mike (I'll let you figure out what the G stands for), my partner in all things robot related.  I promised him that I'd dedicate a theme on the blog to him, and what better month to do it than in March?

Thus March 2011 for me at The Backlog will be March Mecha Madness (until I come up with a catchier title, anyway).  My posts this month will cover any mecha-related game that I own.  Expect these posts to contain many robots, more nerdiness than your typical posts, and even more obscure references that I am certain many readers will not get at all.

Like this.

Of course, this month's theme is not just a homage to G-Mike, but to my other friends that participate in (or at least tolerate) my mech-related nerdiness:  Of particular note, my best friend Nick, who exposed me to the Super Robot Taisen series in the first place, and a mutual friend of David and mine's who I'll only refer to as "that damn Dragoon".  For their sake, at least, I hope the rest of the readers here will indulge me by continuing to read my posts this month, even if mecha aren't normally your thing.

To the aforementioned trio:  Guys, this one's for you.

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Michael said...

I feel all warm and tingly inside! Must be Newtype gas.

Sorry I keep missing your messages. I don't even get a notification on my phone these days.